Growing Upvoty to $17k MRR - Mike Slaats, Upvoty


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Mike Slaats is the founder of Upvoty, an instant feedback software which has recently hit $17k MRR. Mike also runs the SaaS pirates community, where he talks all about running a SaaS company. Previously, he scaled Vindy, an only marketplace for home development to 1m ARR in 5 years.

What we covered in this episode

  • Why did you start Upvoty?
  • Stopping a $1m business to start from scratch
  • Why your work should be fulfilling
  • Should you be passionate about your audience?
  • How to validate your idea
  • How Mike got his first customers for Upvoty
  • The value of an MVP and a landing page
  • Why you should build runway or have an alternative income source
  • How you can make your own luck
  • Why indie hackers should build a personal brand
  • Mike's one bit of advice for founders; validate
  • How to build an MVP with the BML framework


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