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In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Graham Miller, business resilience consultant, facilitator, and author. Graham has spent over 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm in aviation and management roles before working in organisational development positions in the public sector. For the past 12 years, he has consulted to organisations large and small, in the areas of organisational resilience and organisational development. He is the co-founder and co-director of Brisbane-based management consultancy Humans Being At Work which encourages people to bring their authentic selves to work, and helps organisations tap into the collective wisdom that resides within, to build organisational resilience.

Graham has always been fascinated with how people work in organisations. The merging of his aviation background with his consulting experience provides a unique perspective on organisational development. In 2020, Graham published his book, The Human Factor, which outlines how organisations can adapt and adopt management principles developed in the aviation industry over the past 40 years to boost organisational performance, reduce error and get the best from their people to improve organisational resilience.

In our discussion, Graham talked to me about:

• Human leadership and allowing for human factors – fallability

• The importance of robust systems and how that allows more human connection

• Building psychologically safe environments for innovation

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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