Gold in the Compliance Hills: Part 1, ROI on Compliance Purchase Decisions


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Welcome to a special five-part podcast series on how to unlock the gold in your program, hosted by Tom Fox with guests Gio and Nick Gallo from ComplianceLine. One of the ongoing questions in compliance is to demonstrate the Return on Investment (ROI) in your compliance program, by demonstrating the extended value of compliance literally across your entire company. When overlaid with an ESG component, you can begin to see the gold in your compliance hills. In addition to showing how you can unlock the gold in your own compliance hills, Gio and Nick walk you through how demonstrate ROI for your internal budgeting process which can provide to you the financial resource to strengthen and improve your compliance program.

Join us for the full 5 episodes and learn to see your compliance program in an entirely new light. In this Part 1, we consider how compliance can be seen as a corporate ROI multiplier by looking at the impact of compliance across your entire organization.

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

· The financial principles in unlocking the ROI of compliance.

· Why the alignment of compliance with other disciplines in your organization is not only critical but a key to unlocking compliance gold.

· Compliance budgeting is not simply about a cost center mentality. It requires a different type of discussion.

· Frameworks for improving your thinking about compliance.

· Building a complex and transparent case to OPEN the discussion about your assumptions rather than only including unobjectionable assumptions


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