Series Spotlight: Revolutionizing GRC with 6clicks: Part 5 – What’s Next For 6clicks?


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Welcome to this special podcast series, Series Spotlight: Revolutionizing GRC with 6clicks, sponsored by 6clicks. This week I have visited with Joe Schorr, Vice President (VP) of Global Channel Sales, Andrew Robinson, co-founder and Chief Information Security Officer, Stephen Walter, head of Marketing, Dr. Heather Buker, Chief Technology Officer, and Ant Stevens, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Over the series, we broke down 6ckicks Hub and Spoke approach, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in governance, risk and compliance (GRC), curating and maintaining a robust GRC content, producing audit ready reports. Today, in our concluding episode, Part 5, I am joined by 6clicks co-founder Ant Stevens, as we look down the road for what will be next for 6clicks.

Stevens said that 6clicks was founded some two and half years ago to bring an affordable, accessible and easy to use, GRC capability to lots of businesses around the world. The second related mission “was to ensure that the platform was effective in driving productivity gains for both businesses and advisors and by advisors such as lawyers, accountants, general business management consultants and business advisors. These goals were achieved through a platform built from the ground up. We thought about GRC, we identified some things that were necessary for us to have in place to compete effectively in the market.”

We turned specifically to AI. Here Stevens sees the application of AI into two buckets. The first is to help businesses automate or streamline what otherwise would be a complex and time-consuming activity. The second is to identify things in data that even a professional would struggle to do effectively, without the use of some sort of technology. That is what I have called ‘finding patterns in raked leaves.’

Here Stevens turned to Haley, the 6clicks AI intelligence engine. Now “Haley helps companies with two major challenges. One is to identify similarity across standards, laws, or regulations that they need to comply with. Most are still doing this using manually spreadsheets, multiple tabs and feed lookups. There is overlap across multiple jurisdictions around the world which are generally seeking to do similar things. Businesses need to think about that in a unified way. Haley’s first application is identifying similarity across standards, laws or regulations. The second challenge is to take an existing control framework within a company and quickly identify where the gaps are relative to a standard law regulation.”

I asked Stevens if he could look down the road a bit and perhaps give us a teaser about what 6clicks might be developing. He said, “it is around our mission focusing on making GRC affordable and accessible for businesses. In the long-term, I think there is much to further automate processes for advisors, and we’re going to focus on that. To me that represents huge opportunity for innovation. We are going to look at tools, techniques to enable GRC professionals make all of this more of a reality.” Another initiative is what Stevens termed “a marketplace” which can be “be tailored by advisors for their clients. What we want to do is take this concept to the next level and allow individuals to seamlessly share, as part of their community, in a crowdsource context, both content and best practices that they have identified within the 6clicks platform and make that available to all the 6clicks users around the world.” Most excitingly for me Stevens added, “we want to bring that same sort of capability into the world of risk and compliance.”

For more information on 6clicks, check out their website here.

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