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Amii Barnard-Bahn, C-Suite Coach and Consultant, is Tom Fox’s guest on this week’s episode of the Innovation in Compliance Podcast. She is a compliance professional, an author, and a key speaker. Amii joins Tom to talk about her new book, The PI Guidebook: How the Promotability Index® Can Help You Get Ahead in Your Career, and how leaders can create a healthier workplace environment for their employees.

How The PI Guidebook Helps Workplace Cultures

Amii is a firm believer in the concept of radical self-reliance, especially in your career. She is a big advocate for employees learning how to own their jobs and thinking of their responsibilities surrounding their careers differently. Amii has created a framework within the PI Guidebook that helps them with this, and she has divided the framework into five key elements: self-awareness, external awareness, strategic thinking, thought leadership, and executive presence. Becoming efficient in these disciplines will go a long way at keeping you from becoming expendable. "You do these things [and] you're going to keep your career title, would be the best in that role, and you'll always be needed," Amii tells Tom.

Who Can Use This Guide?

Amii's Guidebook is applicable to anyone who wishes to start the process of their own self-assessment. Use it for yourself to grow a leader mindset; it can also help individuals in nonprofits or governments understand their client's perspectives, as well as how companies and organizations work. Young people reading the Guidebook will find advice that Amii wishes she had when she was their age. One key piece of advice she shares is how important networking is to your professional relationships. "What matters is 'do you play nice with others'," she stresses.

The Need for The PI Guidebook

Amii is certified in a range of assessments, but she found over time that there wasn't any assessment on the market that put control in the individual person's hands regarding their own self-development. The assessments do not give companies any ability in helping their employees in an impactful way. She created the PI Guidebook to counteract that. "It's much more powerful if you can evoke people's self-inquiry and curiosity about their own development," she remarks. Her guidebook helps create a dialogue between employer and employee. The employee can self-assess and the employer can say what else the employee may need to work on. It builds a rapport between them.

Starting The Promotion Conversation

Tom asks Amii to give tips on employees asking for promotions Amii advises never bringing up promotions when your manager is sharing your performance review. Picking a quiet time when they are relaxed or want to chat is better. It's especially important to give them a heads up that you wish to speak with them and what you wish to speak about. Talk about projects that you might be interested in working on and express a desire at wanting to take on new challenges within the organization.


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