Business Development Tip: 6 Responses When The Client Says NO


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What Do You Say When The Client says "NO?"

There are lots of business development training videos you can watch that give you old advice. That advice is not bad, it is just outdated by about 10-15 years. Your prospective clients have already heard every rebuttal and every slick response. On today's show I share the real Inside BS on handling this rejection. Your client has already said "NO" and now you're wondering what to say.

Here are five responses I use (and I teach my clients to use). These are natural and conversational. Try them the next time a client says "no" to you.

00:00 What Do you Do When a Prospect Says No?
00:38 When a Client Says No Say This: How Can We Develop a Relationship?
01:27 When a Client Says No Say: How Can I Help You With...
02:55 When a Client Says No Say: Can We Try...
03:58 When a Client Says No Say: Let's Make It a Competition
05:27 When a Client Says No Say: Ok. I respect Your Decision. If You Could Change One Thing What Would It Be?
06:39 Bonus Business Development Tip

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