How to Coach a Great Sales Team


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How to Coach a Great Sales Team

We often focus on Sales Managers as guardians who protect the company from things that could happen if the salespeople get "out of control." Sometimes Sales Managers are viewed a compliance officers who get the reports done on time and hold meetings that are mundane and tedious.

If you want to be one of the great sales leaders in your company and in your industry, become a coach who gets the best out of your team each day. Today's show is a guide to doing that.

00:00 How to Coach a Great Sales Team
00:35 To Build a Great Sales Team Hire Based Upon Personality
04:50 Talent Knows Talent - Hire Based Upon Referrals
05:48 To Motivate a Sales Team Focus on What Individuals Want
07:40 To Get The Most from The Members of Your Team Outline Expectations Up Front
08:37 Great Sales Managers Focus on Building a Winning Culture

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