How To CHARGE Your Body For A Happier, Healthier, & Energized Life with Anodea Judith


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Do you want to live a healthier, happier, more energized life? Do you wonder what role your chakras and channeling energy have to do with anything?

Then do we have the Charge and the Energy Body, show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking with Dr. Anodea Judith a ground-breaking writer and spiritual teacher, and one of the preeminent experts on chakras and energy work and author of another brilliant must-read of a book, that after nearly 1000 books on the show, really blew me away and will become a go-to guide, Charge and the Energy Body.

We'll talk about the vital key to healing your life, your chakras and your relationships! That plus Prana, Qi, Libido, Aura, and even "The Force".

So may the Force be with you in this incredibly energized show!

Charge and the Energy Body Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What is the energy that’s pulsating through each one of us?
  2. What does CHARGE stand for?
  3. What does CHARGE feel like?
  4. How can we experience CHARGE for ourselves?
  5. Is the CHARGE positive or negative?
  6. How does CHARGE get blocked?
  7. What does it mean to harvest the charge into the tissues and subtle channels of the body?
  8. How do we become overcharged or undercharged?
  9. What do charging activities do and how do they move?
  10. What are common charging activities?
  11. What are common discharging activities?
  12. What kind of activities can do both?
  13. What are the different stages of charge?
  14. What is blocking and what do we need to know about it?
  15. How do we block at the different stages of charge?
  16. What can we do to unblock our charge?
  17. What is our “comfort zone” and why is it so important to expand it?
  18. What does it mean that “healing happens at the edge of the comfort zone, not over it”
  19. What’s the practice of FOCUS and EXAGGERATE?
  20. What does it mean to bound our charge?
  21. What does it mean to track our charge?
  22. How do we track our charge?
  23. What’s the importance of tracking other people’s charges?
  24. What are key ways to discharge?
  25. Why do we want to hold onto our charge???
  26. What do we need to know about bipolar and CHARGE?
  27. What are the top 3 tips for mastering our charge?

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