How To Think Like A Millionaire! The Secrets to Financial SUCCESS with Dr. John Demartini


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If you’ve ever wanted financial freedom and learn how to think like a millionaire, then do we have the Values Factor Show for You.

Today I’ll be talking with The Secret’s Dr. John Demartini, the best-selling author of over 40 books including the Values Factor.

That’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about the secret to finding financial freedom and creating an inspired and fulfilling life!

That plus we’ll talk about Paul Bragg, big wave surfing, saving a dollar an hour, Bruce Willis and Michael Jackson, and much more!

Topics Include:

  1. What happened when Dr. John Demartini was told he’d never be able to read?
  2. How did his dad help prepare him to be an entrepreneur?
  3. How’d he end up on the streets at age 14?
  4. How’d he end up big surfing in Hawaii – and almost die???
  5. How did Dr. Demartini finally learn to read and what happened when he went back to school?
  6. How did he eventually become a multi-multi millionaire?
  7. What do the rich know that the poor do not?
  8. How do we view purchases as assets or liabilities?
  9. What do we need to know about appreciables and depreciables?
  10. How do we get true financial freedom?
  11. Why aren’t we getting the financial freedom we’re looking for?
  12. Is money the root of all evil?
  13. What are other money beliefs that are holding us back?
  14. What was Ed Tullison?
  15. Who was Paul Brag?
  16. What does saving a dollar an hour have to do with becoming a millionaire?
  17. Why did John move into the Trump Tower alongside Steven Spielberg and how’d he come to live on “The Ship”?
  18. What are some key traits of billionaires?
  19. What’s the importance of thinking long-term?

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