Ultimate Guide To Manifesting with Visualization Techniques and Secrets from Dr. Dawson Church, Michael Sandler, Dr. Joe Vitale, & Mike Dooley


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Today's compilation is ALL about creating POWERFUL VISUALIZATIONS. How to visualize effectively and visualization techniques and exercises you can put into practice!

We have no better guests than the visualization experts, Dr Dawson Church Michael Sandler Dr Joe Vitale Mike Dooley, where they'll share some of their top visualization stories and methods.

Listening to their stories you’ll soon realize that before we MANIFEST things into reality, we MUST Visualize having these things in our possession.

Tune into the full episode as you’ll learn things you can do TODAY to start VISUALIZING and MANIFESTING into reality!


02:18 - Dr. Dawson Church

21:01 - Michael Sandler

38:24 - Dr. Joe Vitale

52:04 - Mike Dooley

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