Episode 59: Elizabeth Molina - A story of courage, will, determination, love for a child and rising like a Phoenix after severe domestic abuse and brutality


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*Trigger warning: this episode deals with domestic violence and severe brutality. If you are triggered by violence, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human suffering, I highly advise that you do not tune in to this episode. Having said that, this is a remarkable story of a woman who never gave up, and although she suffered severe brutality at the hands of her once-beloved husband, the love for her child kept her fighting against all odds and she was not only able to survive her circumstances and free herself, she rose like a Phoenix.

Imagine being kidnapped, held hostage for six months, beaten, raped daily, starved & punished. This is a story of a mother's protection. of a female MacGyver, a warrior, and a fighter. You're going to want to tune into this one if you're not triggered.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a TEDx Speaker, Podcaster, Beauty BioHacker, Clubhouse, and Instagram Influencer who focuses on holistic beauty. She is also the founder of The Molina Glow, a certified Holistic Health & Life Coach and a former medical sales specialist ranked Top 3 nationally in sales in the pharmaceutical arena. Her personal story of domestic violence survival has led her to become a Model on a Mission to redefine the WHY surrounding people’s beauty choices and practices."

IG: Elizabeth__Molina


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