How To Build Deeper Relationships (And How To Handle a Shoved Fact) With Andrew Warner of Mixergy


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Andrew Warner is the Founder of Mixergy, where he has interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs. He's the author of Stop Asking Questions, a guide for interviewers and anyone who wants to learn more from the people they admire. Andrew was a marathon runner who did a marathon in every continent in his 20s. He used credit cards to create a business with his younger brother that generated over 30 million dollars a year.

In this episode…

The depth of relationships is powered by the good conversations that drive them. Unfortunately, not many know how to engage in meaningful conversations, so they struggle to start — and build — valuable relationships. And in today’s business world, relationships are everything.

How do you have insightful conversations that strengthen relationships without making anyone feel drilled and vulnerable? When people show resistance about a topic in their lives you’re interested in, how do you overcome that and cut through the resistance?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring Mixergy Founder Andrew Warner. They discuss interviewing techniques for building deeper relationships, getting people to open up, overcoming self-doubt, why you should never end a conversation on a low point, and more.

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