Inspiring Minds with Alex Welsh - Football Coach, Charitable Work, Author & Inspirier


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Today’s guest is one of the most inspiring people I know, and I’m proud to call him a good friend and a mentor.

As you’ll hear, He has been ahead of the curve for over thirty years, with not only his innovative and ground-breaking courses at the Football Association but also his great workaround using sport to improve mental health and well-being, alongside some extraordinary work in the area of social inclusion – both of which have saved the public purse millions of pounds. . His story will fascinate you.

If you heard our first podcast with the wonderful Humphrey Walters, he said I’ll get a pe and paper if you give me something worth writing down; in this, our longest podcast to date, you will need a pen and some paper! – our guest is famed for his acronyms, and there are five here that you will want to remember!

I am so pleased to introduce the wonderful and kind Alex Welsh

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