Dave Nemetz: Side projects, Deep work, Unbundling of media, Pomp, Sam Parr, censorship and the future


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I've known Dave for a few months now and It was good to finally have him on the show. We talked about a bunch of stuff ( mentioned in the show notes ) from media in the past to where it's going and everything in between. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


03:19 - Bleacher report became my lifeline when I was stuck in the drudgery of a full-time job

09:14 - Lessons from my failure at Inverse and building Audience Builders from first principles

12:40 - Building distribution networks in legacy media brands

17:47 - Deep work and blocking your calendar like Jerry Seinfeld

23:21 - People who shaped my worldview - Kubrick, Scorsese, Lucas, Jake Lodwick, Kevin Rose

29:00 - Taking advantage of platform growth mechanics while building an original voice

30:55 - Sam Parr is successful because he is a student of history

34:18 - Building a media empire like Pomp

37:31 - Self-censorship

41:02 - Great brands create an entire world to build deeper fan experiences

45:12 - The promise of the creator economy

49:30 - Creators will start to look more like media companies and media companies will become more like record labels

52:00 - Bringing novelty into interview podcasts

You can connect with Dave here (https://twitter.com/davenemetz)

My DMs are open for conversations (https://twitter.com/AbhishekLpd)

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