Sachit Gupta: The Third Door to Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Andrew Warner; and Podcasting, Poker nights and hacking conferences


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Sachit Gupta is THE best super-connector I know. He started with nothing almost 8 years back and has since worked with Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Andrew Warner. His show Conscious Creators reached #1 in entrepreneurship last year and he led the On Deck Podcasting Fellowship. I wanted to bring him on the show to learn his strategies of finding third doors to network with the biggest names in any industry. He shared how he started working with Andrew, told a beautiful story of writing a letter to Tim Ferriss and the exact email he's going to send to Chris Sacca. He's also hosted a ton of poker nights for these influencers and shared his tips on hosting your own poker nights or dinners to increase your network. I also asked him how one could do these on Zoom. And he told us what you should do to connect with someone like Tim or Andrew if they're speaking at a conference. In short, he shared a TON of secrets.

Here are the show notes :)

05:08 - Cold emailing Mark Cuban, Chris Guillebeau, and Jonathan Fields

09:00 - How I’ll email Chris Sacca and lessons from 1000s of cold emails

14:18 - Standing out in the crowd of 100s of people trying to get attention from your heroes

19:34 - What I learned from Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Andrew warner

22:12 - One starts to build an audience when one gives up the need to build an audience

23:55 - Conversations that are casual and intimate are functions of production, not editing.

27:27 - A cold outreach strategy that will change your life

32:10 - How to connect with your heroes hosting poker nights/dinners

36:44 - Writing a letter Tim Ferriss and a hack to connect with speakers in conferences

43:55 - How to reach out to big publications for collaborations

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