The worldview of Danny Miranda: Lessons and Habits from the man who's grown his podcast from 0 to 55k downloads in 6 months


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Danny Miranda is an inspiration and the host of the Danny Miranda podcast. He's gone from 0 to 55,000 downloads in the past 6 months, published 87 awesome conversations, and has shared countless stories of his hustle on Twitter. This conversation goes beyond what Danny has done with his podcast and captures his overall personality, his habits, and his worldview. He's done a lot in 6 months, but I cannot imagine the places he'll go in 6 years and beyond. Hope you can learn from him as much as I did.

Here are the show notes :)

02:14 - Getting a reply from Mark Cuban

03:32 - Tyler Cowen and my heavy focus on research

06:39 - 75 hard and how I started thinking long term

08:38 - Making friends on the internet is a superpower

09:46 - The role of my parents in my success

10:30 - Gary vee, Kanye West, and Rick Ross

11:50 - Failing in public and Shooting your shots

13:12 - Spotting trends and people early

14:09 - Consistency and my relationship with my audience

15:02 - Setting internal goals

16:39 - Podcasts are you reviewing a person

18:11 - I studied Larry king and Tim Ferriss to learn the skill of interviewing

19:25 - The radical Shopify course I made

21:05 - Happiness comes from struggle

23:11 - I'd love someone to help me with video clips

23:48 - Meditation is letting thoughts go through me

24:32 - My first million YouTube game

25:22 - Having phone calls with my 8k followers

28:39 - Sharing your authentic journey online

31:15 - 3 guests I'd love to interview in stadiums

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