S5E6: Rick and Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular


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Perfectly timed for the holiday, we talk turkey here on the newest episode for the Thanksploitation Spectacular!

Show Notes – S5E6: Rick and Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular

Semi Pertinent News

  • SDCC at Home 2021
    • Rick and Morty Panel
    • Rick and Morty vs D&D Actual Play
  • Butter Robot Update
  • Reddit Post of the Week
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute
    • Six Weeks no Sugar

Main Thang – Rick and Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular

Episode Details

  • Air Date: 7/25/2021
  • Written by: James Siciliano
  • Directed by: Douglas Einar Olsen
  • Guest Stars: Keith David, Timothy Olyphant, Troy Baker, Dawnn Lewis, Nolan North, Kari Wahlgren

Broh-nopsis: Gobble gobble broh. Rick and Morty givin thanks in this one.

Our Synopsis: Just in time for the hottest part of summer, it’s time for the Thanksgiving episode!


  • Title Reference: The title is in reference to what happens in the episode!
  • Theme
    • Thanksgiving “Special”
    • The absurdity of Turkey Pardons
    • Yet another battle between Rick and POTUS
      • Is Keith David a series regular now?
    • American Exceptionalism
  • Best/Worst Parts
    • Turnin’ Turkey (ft. Jason Paige and Ryan Elder)
    • Kinda dark post credits scene there
  • Interdimensional Cable Bit
    • Charlie Kaufman reboot of Wizard of Oz
  • Favorite Bits
    • Rick’s RC Car (and it’s application in the off-brand AT-AT)
    • FDR Spider
    • The mirroring of the turkey plan
    • “That will be important later”
    • The Fly looking transformation into a Turkey
    • Turkey Marines freaking out about the larger field of vision
    • Official farm/transport/pen for turkeys that might get pardoned…
    • “Did you just try to spit in my face with no saliva glands?”
    • “My plume!”
    • “We asked ourselves, what walks the most?”
    • “Mary Todd Lincoln” is the password for motorcycles in congress
    • The speech

Short Outs

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