Ep. 230 Natalia Ouellette: Due Diligence in Real Estate


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On today's podcast we talk about the importance of due diligence on both the buyer and tenant side with Natalia Ouellette, founding partner at LCO Law LLC. Natalie offers a wealth of information as we cover numerous aspects of due diligence, from engineering and structural aspects to making sure the survey and title is accurate, and we spend a good deal of time covering some common lease terms that may trip up a buyer. Key Discussion Points [01:10] Opening remarks by Eric Odum [04:30] About our guest: Natalia Ouellette [07:19] How did you get started in real estate? [11:40] Discussion about due diligence on the buyer and tenant side [19:47] Discussion about due diligence of acquisitions of investment properties [34:06] Talk about Joint and Several Liability (new buyer has to pay past dues of previous owner - ie HOA fees) [43:22] What are some terms when signing a lease that are common but could trip up a buyer? [56:12] How can folks contact you? [1:00:00] Closing comments by Eric About Our Guest Natalia Ouellette's practice focuses on helping real estate investors reclaim their time and their sanity with their contracts, leases, evictions, foreclosures, purchases, and tax deeds. Natalia is a founding partner at LCO Law LLC, and has successfully completed nearly a thousand Tax Deed cases and has skillfully represented foreclosure bidders in hundreds of cases, assisting them in recovering deposits, confirming foreclosure sales, negotiating lien payoffs, and re-foreclosing omitted junior lienholders. For nearly a decade, she was president of a Tampa Bay title company, and has participated in over six thousand closings. Check out Natalia's book on Amazon: TAX DEEDS – HOW TO BECOME AND STAY WEALTHY BY MASTERING LIENS, POSSESSION, AND MARKETABILITY CONTACT INFO Phone: 813-480-2106 or 813-408-2309 Email: legaladmin@lcolawfl.com Website: https://lcolawfl.com/ YouTube: search for Natalia Ouellette or google Natalia Ouellette

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