Episode 6 - Peggy Davis


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Today’s guest is Peggy Davis. Davis is the Director of Athletics at Virginia State University. From as early as childhood, playing basketball in the streets with the boys, Davis was destined to have a strong influence and impact in the world of college athletics. During her years as a collegiate basketball player, Davis learned that constructive criticism should not be taken as a personal attack, but as an opportunity or a tool for achieving excellence. Hear how Davis “invested in her career” by commuting three hours round trip to pursue an advance degree or why she turned down a conference commissioner position.

Davis has a passion for mentoring student-athletes and aiding them in achieving their goals. She offers sound advice on the importance of developing good listening skills, how to always make a positive impact, why dressing appropriately is extremely important, and how to deal with intense challenges as a woman of color. “It’s not enough to be in the room. You need to be seen and heard. . .” - Peggy Davis

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