Is Our Love A Cold Sore? (Herpes Etc. W Sexologist Emily Depasse)


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What a week to have our first guest on to talk STI’s and we’re kicking things off with the black sheep of the STI fam: Herpes. We get honest with our personal HSV stories: both contracting, spreading, and having in all it’s various formats. This weeks guest explains why people are so socially wired to freak out about Herpes and how discerning between HSV 1 and HSV 2 can add weight to that stigma. Busting myths and forging research, sexologist Emily Depasse is changing the way we talk about and frame a herpes diagnosis. Come one, come all, and give us your cold sore (stories.) Spoiler alert: it’s herpes… it’s always herpes. PLUS, Lola has Gonorrhea this week and she’s blabbing all about her first STI.

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