Is Our Love Stoya (Pt. 1)


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Stoya. A person who needs no introduction but we’re going to attempt it anyway. An internationally celebrated author, activist, actress & advocate for sex worker’s rights. An introverted cat lover, a next level book nerd, and a fearless caller of bullshit. An endless seeker of the authentic & creator of sexually explicit media in all forms. Stoya’s famously photogenic asshole could be identified in a line-up by millions of porn viewers… and that’s made her life simultaneously fascinating and fucking traumatizing. Stephen and Stoya met and fell in love in their 20s. That relationship would come to have strange rippling effects on both of their lives.

The next two episodes of Is Our Love ____? is a uniquely intimate conversation between ex’s about mutual shared history, sex, love, life, and how we can all keep trying to improve.

If you'd like advice on sex, love, or relationships you can always email us at ... (PS it's worth reminding that you can also email Stoya & her advice column 'How To Do It' at

You can find Stoya's explicit media and first 2 issues at Our crossover Podcast episode on Unicorns will be part of the upcoming issue #3. You can also follow her @stoya on twitter and instagram.

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