059 - PART 1: How your gut talks to your brain with Rachael Torcasio


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Rachael is a warm, friendly, passionate, and open-minded psychologist. She takes pride in her “raw and real” therapeutic approach with clients.

She has a passion for working with people seeking help to process, understand and heal from adverse, traumatic, and/or neglectful life experiences, as well as self-healers who value personal growth and/or those who are navigating transitions in their lives.

Rachael’s special interest is in helping people develop a deeper understanding of how their early experiences; trauma, abuse, neglect and unmet needs have had a role in shaping their personality, beliefs, values, emotions, behaviours and coping styles.

Today I'm really excited to have Rachael on today to speak on the gut mind connection - I thought this would be a great topic to explore both from a phycologist point of view and Rachael has had her own journey through this





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