094: Helping Her Fellow Musicians Build Successful Careers


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Cheryl Engelhardt made a career for herself scoring documentaries, writing jingles, and working with social justice choirs. Eventually, she found herself being asked to speak to others about what it meant to have a successful career as an independent musician, and needed to learn how to answer her fellow musicians’ tough questions about life and business.

Now, at Amplify, she provides a monthly membership and environment designed for optimal on-going success. She provides coaching, content, cross-promotion, community, and a structure so that musicians can create a plan for a long-term successful and fulfilling music career, celebrating every step of the way.

Today, Cheryl joins the podcast to talk about why she chose the membership model instead of conventional coaching, the fatal mistakes that people make when it comes to defining what they want, and how not to lose hope even as your goals shift over time.

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