096: The Couple Helping Nonprofits Build Million-Dollar Visions


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Angela Myles worked in and out of administrative jobs while her husband Victor drove tanker trucks. As they had children and grew their family, long hours started to wear on them, and the couple needed to make a transition to change their lives for the better. A stranger gave Victor the guidance and advice to build a nonprofit to work with homeless men, and they soon set out to master the art of writing - and receiving - grants.

Now, as the Myles Factor, and through their membership, Fundable University, Angela and Victor teach churches and faith-based nonprofits how to set up community programs and get the funding they need to build their million-dollar visions.

Today, Angela joins the podcast to tell the story of the trucking accident that changed the course of her and Victor’s lives, how the membership model helped them whether personal crises, and how they built an incredible community that has had an extraordinary ripple effect.

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