Deydra Williams, a Breast Cancer Survivor and Elyse Lewis, Community Initatives at Hendrick Health discusses Breast Cancer


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Deydra Williams and Elyse Lewis are a powerful team when it comes to promoting women health especially when it comes to Breast Cancer.
They have a friendship that was born out of adversity and a vision. Deydra's motivation came from taking her mother, Sue Elliot to doctors appointments during Sue's battle with Breast Cancer. Unfortunately Sue did not survive. Deydra had noticed that she saw very few African American women during those doctors visits. She wanted to sound the alarm and encourage more African American Women to get mammograms'. She was introduced to Elyse Lewis, Community Initiatives Coordinator at Hendrick Health. Dedyra and Elyse had similar visions and they begin to work together.
The story did not end with them working together. About three years into their work together Dedyra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This podcast covers Breast Cancer from every aspect.

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