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Companies are putting more resources than ever into producing innovative solutions, yet nearly every executive expresses some level of dissatisfaction with their company's innovation performance. That's because while innovation is still critical, it's no longer enough.

Join us as we talk to a technological thought leader and investor, William Kilmer. Together, we explore why organizations need to step back and build a strategy that not only will produce great products, but that can transform the market.

What allows a company to transform is to understand societal and cultural changes that are or are about to take place. If they can foster their teams to develop a strategy beyond being first to the market or leader in the industry but to reach, serve, and create loyalty uniquely and innovatively to customers in that market segment.

All of this will likely require that the organization re-tool itself for innovation. This doesn't magically happen; teams don't just start producing something innovative. Instead, the individuals and the teams themselves become innovative. This is transformation.
“Transformative companies aren’t first movers who invent new products; they’re game-changers whose category-creating solutions deliver new and better customer outcomes, altering industry structure, and radically changing and reframing existing markets.”

About The Book
"I wrote Transformative as a framework that will help companies build the momentum and strategy to become a game-changing organization. Behind it is the principle that companies that accept the rules of the market are condemned to live by them and limit their ability to compete to a narrow set of product features and performance. Those that open themselves to a broader view of how to innovate to win have many more options for success."


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