AI Pastry Scanner Fights Cancer | Powerful Biofibers Can Be Created On Industrial Scale | 1969 The Internet’s Birth | We Should Know How Tech Works | Through The TechVine Radio Program | Episode Six


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In this week's episode of Through The TechVine Live Radio Program, we talk about an AI Pastry Scanner Is Now Helping To Fights Cancer | How Powerful Biofibers Can Now Be Create On Industrial Scale | This Day In Tech History: The Internet’s Birth | Let’s Talk About The Importance Of Knowing How Tech Works.
All this and more on Through The TechVine Radio Program, Episode Six

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We are serious about thinking about the many ways technology is and will impact our society. Still, we do not miss the opportunity to share some other stories, oddities, rarities, and some laughs.

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There is one truth that is not told enough: technology is not magic — but it can be magical.

Technology is human — it is part of who we are… our evolution… our future.

Will it be a Dystopian or Utopian one? Well, that is up to us, and nobody else.


This Episode's Inspiring Stories
Diana | The AI Pastry Scanner That Is Now Fighting Cancer
Sean | Producing commercial quantities of nature’s “strongest, lightest and toughest” materials

Marco | World, Meet the Internet On July 3, 1969
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