The Business Value Of A Security First Approach As A Means To Achieve And Maintain Compliance | A HITRUST Customer And Partner Story With Rudi Perkins (Welvie) And Blaise Wabo (A-LIGN)


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Suppose you're like Rudi, who, six years ago, tried to bring his organization to an effective level of compliance and increase his security posture by managing multiple spreadsheets. In that case, you're probably finding yourself going nuts — just like Rudi did, and many others do, when faced with a similar complex and overwhelming situation.

On the other hand, if you haven't started yet and wonder what situation we're talking about, picture yourself in this scenario:

  • Figuring out the mapping of all the various regulations, standards, and frameworks
  • Aligning that mapping to your own unique environment
  • Running on your own unique technology stack
  • Creating and managing your own policies
  • Protecting those with your own unique controls (or lack thereof)

Having fun yet? Likely not.

Thankfully, this is when Rudi's and Blaise's stories — individually and collectively — can make a world of difference for you.

They've figured many things out: they found the right processes, tools, and partners to make this experience better overall. They've created an experience they want, driven by a common framework that maps all of those things together, giving you the means to do the controls assessment, identify and mitigate the gaps, and then apply that work to many standards, frameworks, and regulations in the US and abroad.

In short, what HITRUST and its Assessor community are doing here is to enable the business — individually and collectively as part of a larger supply chain — to operate securely within the boundaries of the regulatory and industry requirements for which they must abide.

"Our customers expect that of us. Our partners expect that of us. We should expect that of each other and of ourselves too." —Sean Martin

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