3D Organ, Tissue And Cell Printing | Identifying Disease with Natural Language Processing Technology |The Incredibly Potent Technology of Food Fermentation | Bugs in machines, computers, and code | Through The TechVine Radio Program Episode Seventeen


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In this week's episode of Through The TechVine Live Radio Program, Diana, Sean, and Marco welcome Ellen Xu as a guest on the show — together they talk about: 3D Organ, Tissue And Cell Printing | Identifying Disease with Natural Language Processing Technology |The Incredibly Potent Technology of Food Fermentation | Bugs in machines, computers, and code | Through The TechVine Radio Program Episode Seventeen

We have officially decided to keep Through The TechVine a live recording but Radio Style. We like that mood — what do you think?

Apart from that, everything else is the usual Tech and Science Topics conversations, some good laughs, and a lot of WHAT IF?!
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In this episode we talk about:

3D Organ, Tissue And Cell Printing
3D-printed organs could save lives by addressing the transplant shortage
When people die, it’s not usually because their body shuts down, but because one key organ fails that the body can’t survive without. Severe heart or kidney failure patients need prompt organ transplants to survive. That’s where 3D printed organs, such as 3D printed hearts, come in. Oh, and brain cells too!
From The Conversation: https://theconversation.com/3d-printed-organs-could-save-lives-by-addressing-the-transplant-shortage-132491
From 3D Sourced: https://www.3dsourced.com/guides/3d-printed-organs-bioprinting/

From 3D Printing Industry: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/scientists-3d-print-living-brain-cells-in-promising-development-for-bioprinting-196684/
Identifying Disease with Natural Language Processing Technology
A Kaiser Permanente study illustrates the value of AI-based natural language processing technology in disease diagnosis.
While healthcare is currently in an era of big data and data analytics, it remains hard to identify patients with complex conditions such as valvular heart disease, making it difficult to study the disease, track practice patterns, and manage population health.

From Health IT Analytics: https://healthitanalytics.com/news/identifying-disease-with-natural-language-processing-technology

The “Incredibly Potent Technology” of Food Fermentation
Technology is revolutionizing food, but how can it be explained to consumers? Companies are making real dairy, meat and eggs without animals and using fermentation to produce new analogs, but the challenge is describing it in a way that sounds appetizing.

From Food Dive: https://www.fooddive.com/news/food-tech-explain-marketing/606401/

From VegConomist: https://vegconomist.com/fairs-and-events/the-future-food-series-on-29th-september-presents-the-incredibly-potent-technology-of-fermentation/

Technology News in History
Bugs in machines, computers, and code. Also Would You Eat Bugs?
September 9, 1945
Operators of the Harvard Mark II find a moth trapped in relay #70 in panel F. The bug is taped to their troubleshooting log where it was written, “First actual case of bug being found”. This was not the first use of the term “bug” for computer problems, but this was the first time the term “debug” was used.

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_bug#Etymology

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