Event Presentation | October 20th 2021 Is The First Ever SOC Analyst Appreciation Day | A Conversation About The Value And Drivers Of Technology Innovation With Josh Klick


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SOC analysts are often overworked and under-appreciated — but that needs to change! Many look to improve their work environment through the use of technology and innovation. In the SOC, we need a lot of tuning to find that delicate balance between business goals, technology innovation, and the humanity in the machine.

Scripting, coding, and other forms of automation come in handy when trying to make it through the day as a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst. However, there's much more to the role when it comes to innovation.

Why and how we use technology is at the core of many of our conversations here at ITSPmagazine. When we talk about professions where technology can be at the same time a massive player in business performance and mental health improvement, we do wonder if, and how, the two can be leveraged to serve the same purpose. We hope it does.

In this second of three episodes covering the first-ever SOC Analyst Appreciation Day, we get to speak with Josh Klick, a SOC practitioner who successfully worked his way up into managerial and advisory positions for some large global enterprises. Together, we explore how and when innovation can be used to help the organization become more efficient and how the analysts themselves can open their minds creatively to not only accomplish more but to also feel better, mentally, about the work they are performing.

ITSPmagazine is proud to partner with Devo to recognize the efforts put in by the practitioners working away in the trenches and on the front lines of cybersecurity. Join us to help us recognize them and their efforts.

About the SOC Analyst Appreciation Day

Join us for five hours of live-streamed content — with sessions ranging from what skills are needed to move up in the SOC, to desk decompression from a yoga instructor, to a panel discussion about a day in the life of a SOC, to a "Lunch & Laugh" where a stand-up comedian will provide some much-needed de-stressing entertainment. There's a ton to celebrate — let's do this!

Learn more about SOC Analyst Appreciate Day: https://itspm.ag/devoq0zz


Josh Klick
On Linkedin | https://www.linkedin.com/in/klick/


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