Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 291: Happy Valentines/Heart Day!


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Welcome! and Thank you for listening! Happy Heart Month and Happy Valentines Day.

I would like to share a few secrets to keep your Valentine around longer and perhaps healthier. It does not involve sugary candies or expensive meals. Make eggs a hard no. Not just the ones in a skillet covered with cheese, but the ones hidden in pastries, and breaded items in the freezer section.

Just say no to dairy. It is a highlighted ingredient on the back of packaged foods in the ingredient list. It is quick. Look on the back. If it says dairy, put it back.

Keep the fat content ideally at 10%. Don't be fooled by the fat grams in the nutrition label. If a serving size is 100 calories and there are 5 grams of fat by weight, it translates to 45% fat. (9 kcal/g x 5 grams fat). It is not an option.

You only have to read a few labels to get the hint. The chip and cracker isle is more than 10% fat. Don't bother going there. Not to worry you will get the "good fat" from kale, beans and whole grains.

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Happy Heart Month!

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