OffHeap 66. Faster LTS releases? And A new Java license you say? How...peculiar


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So aside from being all giddy about Java 17 LTS release, we take now a deep dive on the changes that Oracle announced on their release schedule and Licensing. WANL (We are not Lawyers) but that didn't stop us from discussing what could it mean, and where would it go!

Faster LTS, we are onboard. It's fun to be able to jump from LTS to LTS, but what does that mean for older releases and maintainability (as Oracle longstanding policy is to sunset the "oldest" of LTS when a new one comes out). We see the interesting dynamics on this with the new "Oracle No Fee Terms and Conditions", and what does that mean for Big Red's plan for our favorite programming language.

In all, an interesting episode to pay attention to (and to know what's important). Like all Licenses, do talk to a real lawyer before adopting a new license (we really are just code monkeys that managed to wrestle a microphone). Or go with another Java open source binary provider on the standard licenses (Like Adoptium!) We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode

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