JC Santana & the Future of Personal Training


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Join industry legend Juan Carlos (JC) Santana and Jason Stella discuss.....
1. Basic controversies within the fitness industry as they relate to function and functional .
2. How most personal training education doesn't teach trainers what they need to know and apply to be and maintain a successful career as a trainer.
3. Understand training from a PRACTICAL STAND POINT and be able to communicate with ALL of your clients
More Information on IHP.....
What sets IHP apart?
If you want to talk like a PhD, a college professor, or use lots of 7 syllable words - THIS IS NOT THE COURSE FOR YOU. If you want to be able to understand training from a PRACTICAL STAND POINT and be able to communicate with ALL of your clients - THIS IS COURSE FOR YOU! IHP's training system has trained Navy Seal teams, UFC champions, scholarship athletes, military veterans, first responders, and regular moms and dads within our community; IHP is the training system MADE BY A TRAINER FOR TRAINERS!!
What is it?
The Fitness Instructor is the first course in the IHP training curriculum, but it’s not necessarily a beginner’s course. IHP's training system is extremely unique and built by a trainer for personal trainers. For that reason, it has its own nomenclature and terminology. Also, the actual training programs are so unique, they too require familiarity. Therefore, this first course (two courses) introduces the personal trainer to IHP’s unique language and training system, and we promise it will be NEW information for any trainer outside of IHP. SO - fear not - this is not amateur hour and you will NOT be bored!
What’s in it?
This first certification consists of two courses; The Fitness Instructor and the JC Octagon.
The Fitness Instructor introduces the trainer to our entire training system and the nomenclature used to communicate within that training system. The JC Octagon dives deep into the body’s core, its structure, its mechanics and a comprehensive training approach to training the Serape Effect. Both courses include a total of 15 hours of video lectures, comprehensive study guides with slides, notes, and 140 questions spread over two exams. From the time you buy and activate the course, you have 120 days to complete the course work.
Course content:
The IHP Fitness Instructor Certification:
• Introduction to function and functional training
• A historical perspective of the fitness industry
• Basic definitions and nomenclature
• Myths and fallacies within the fitness industries
• The 4 Pillars of Human Movement
• The physics of the operational environment
• Evaluation assessments
• IHP’s most effective exercises (functional and traditional)
• IHP programming and periodization model
• Marketing for personal trainers
The JC Octagon Certification (Core training certification):
• Introduction to the physiology of the core
• The Serape Effect
• How the core generates power
• 8 Vectors of force generation
• 8 directions of resistance
• 5 top band exercise to train the Serape Effect
• Supplemental core exercises to train the Octagon
• Core programs
How to start:
Start with the Fitness Instructor and JC’s Octagon for $39.99. Once we reach 1000 trainers registered for the Fitness Instructor, we will scholarship that class to take the next batch of certs (i.e. Exercise Specialist and Biomechanics of function - a $350 value) for only $49.99. SO - we are counting on you to spread the word and help all trainers get this incredible education for a fraction of its normal price.
You have 120 days to complete this course and you have two retakes of each exam. After your second retake there is a $50

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