Gypsy Moth Dermatitis with Dr Melinda Gooderham and Prof David Beresford


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This summer, a swarm of Gypsy Moths have been stripping leaves from the forests of central Canada, stretching from southern Ontario into western Quebec. The mass infestation, which occurs ever twelve to fourteen years, has also produced an outbreak of rashes, Gypsy Moth Dermatitis, caused by contact with the insect.

In this fascinating and entertaining Editor's Choice Edition of the podcast, Dr Kirk Barber, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, talks to two experts on the Gypsy Moth phenomenon and the dermatitis it produces: Dr Melinda Gooderham, is Medical Director at the SKiN Centre for Dermatology in Peterborough, Ontario and an Assistant Professor at Queen's University. And Professor David Beresford, teaches biology in the environmental studies program at Trent University, where he specializes in pest management.

This interview is based on the article by Dr Goodham, "Lymantria dispar dispar (Gypsy) Moth Dermatitis", which was published by JCMS in July 2021:
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