41. Sages


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The return of the solo gem known as Sages, aka Racquel Hardy (ex of Falcon Jane, my guests Oct. 2018). She is the epitome of ‘artist’, sitting on my studio floor, with synthesizer between her legs and poetry spilling from her mouth. She had me at Massive Attack and Thom Yorke, among her influences. She performs 3 songs, including 2 originals and we spin one from her latest album.


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1. Sages - Until Now (00:04:59)

2. Conversation with Jeff (00:07:30)

3. Sages - All In My Heart (00:18:12)

4. Conversation with Jeff (00:20:53)

5. Sages - Hammer a Nail in Space (00:27:53)

6. Conversation with Jeff (00:30:19)

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