61. Jay Stiles


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Austin Texas based keyboardist J. Stiles is known for his working with Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar, but that's just a bit of the story of the go-to player who's vibe is as chill as his heart is big, and talent immense, on vintage keyboard instruments and feel-good melodies and vocals.

Otherwise known as Crystal Finger, Jay brings along drummer/backing singer Kolston Gogan from Collingwood Ontario, and performs and tells stories about his residencies in Austin clubs and lots more. A must for lovers of keyboards, ska, reggae, soul and a good time.

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1. Jay Stiles - Raining Day Lullaby (00:08:47)

2. Conversation with Jeff (00:11:34)

3. Jay Stiles - Social Butterfly (00:27:48)

4. Conversation with Jeff (00:29:35)

5. Jay Stiles - Next to You (Cover) (00:35:30)

6. Conversation with Jeff (00:38:40)

7. Big Sugar - Wild Ox Moan (00:41:01)

8. Conversation with Jeff (00:41:47)

9. Jay Stiles - Queso or Cocaine (00:43:14)

10. Conversation with Jeff (00:47:02)

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