58. Karla Crawford


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File under country soul, because she's steeped in both. She's Karla Crawford and she's a character with a helluva voice and songwriting ability. She's also put on the spot in this episode, to commit, which is something she's long avoided. Stories galore, about Elvis' guitarist, about writing in Nashville, and about indulging in “adult snacks”. Karla Crawford is accompanied by her record producer/performer Craig Smith and the pair share a never before heard recording from a new album in the works, and play a couple live, too.

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1. Karla Crawford - Never Going Back (00:10:14)

2. Conversation with Jeff (00:13:41)

3. Karla Crawford - Take Me Away (00:26:16)

4. Conversation with Jeff (00:29:36)

5. Karla Crawford - You Don't Seem to Miss Me (00:36:41)

6. Conversation with Jeff (00:39:57)

7. Karla Crawford - Memories of You (00:49:02)

8. Conversation with Jeff (00:53:04)

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