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Here's a uniquely voiced songwriter from Toronto who has been working with producer Gavin Brown on his latest songs – Mattie Leon stops in to sing and play and talk, as we get into the want for playing publicly again, the courage of young people facing distance and daunting odds, and he talks about his favourite Beatle with reasons why. This is the first podcast from the new Wild Woods Blue Performance Studio.

Mattie Leon is a singer/songwriter hailing from the western reaches of Toronto. A craftsman with a guitar, Mattie refuses to leave the past behind. His sensibilities are informed by the songwriting of the sixties and seventies. His voice, whether soaring or soulful, is his own. The result is a fresh take on a classic form; familiar but unmistakably new.

Mattie is no stranger to the road. He's brought his music to stages across Canada, from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts. At his side is Mike Leon, Mattie's drummer and longtime collaborator. Together, they've become a captivating example of the unique thing that happens when siblings perform together.

The fourth single of the record, Hallelujah (I Found You) can found on YouTube, and his work is available on Spotify.

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1. Mattie Leon - All The Time (00:15:24)

2. Conversation with Jeff (00:18:39)

3. Mattie Leon - Carolina (00:20:38)

4. Conversation with Jeff (00:24:22)

5. Mattie Leon - Vimy (00:34:33)

6. Conversation with Jeff (00:38:11)

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