Where Do You Find God? with Dr. Michael Guillen and Larry Fleet


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When talking about the concept of faith, the Bible tells us that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Even though we can’t literally see God, the Bible also tells us simply; when we seek God, we shall find Him. The ways we seek and find God in the midst of our lives can look different from one person to another. One may study everything they can about how the world came into being, just to get a glimpse of the mind of God. Another may look for the moments in their lives where they felt God was in their corner, through a circumstance that worked out better than they could have imagined, or a seeming answer to a long whispered prayer. The truth remains that even though we can’t see our Creator, we can know Him, believe in Him, and build a relationship with Him wherever we find ourselves in life. Our two guests this week have cemented their faith in God through different avenues—one, a scientist whose devotion to figuring out the secrets of the universe led him to believe in a divine creator, and another who shares with others through music all the places and situations in which we might find God. We’ll talk to Emmy-award winning journalist and former physics instructor Dr. Michael Guillen, and country music singer and songwriter of the song “Where I Find God,” Larry Fleet.

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Interview Quotes:

“God wasn't on my radar. He wasn't in the picture. My worldview was based on the notion that seeing was believing. What I believed in was what I could see with my own eyes.” - Dr. Michael Guillen

“I was a thick-headed, stubborn intellectual and in some ways I still am. So it took me actually many, many years, decades actually, to finally surrender my life. But that encounter with that Bible, that was my first authentic—even though I was brought up as a child with a Bible—encounter with the Bible, as a thinking adult, as a scientist, as a skeptic, as a cynic, as an atheist. And boy, it turned my life upside down.” - Dr. Michael Guillen

“In a nutshell, the Bible teaches who created the universe and why. Science teaches me the wonderful details about the universe God created. And because of the Bible and science, I have the blessing of having a very deep understanding of both the Creator and the creation.” - Dr. Michael Guillen

“God is real, not just because the Bible says so, and not just because He radically changed my life, but also because the scientific evidence says so.” - Michael Guillen

“Love God with everything you've got, including your mind, and then love one another.” - Dr. Michael Guillen

“As a kid, I don't think I really realized that it was gospel music, that's just all I knew and that's what I knew how to play. So I'd always play just old hymns and stuff like that.” - Larry Fleet

“I can tell you right now where I do most of my praying and talking to God, that's in a deer stand or a hayfield or on a boat, you know, like whenever I'm outside. I do a lot of driving from Chattanooga to Nashville a lot, and that's kind of where I talk to God.” - Larry Fleet

“One of the things that I hope and pray for is that I do a good job of delivering the songs in a positive way. Honestly, a lot of times I pray before I go on stage just to calm my nerves.” - Larry Fleet


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