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JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 19

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  • PURPOSE Jewelry is a social enterprise that provides professional opportunities to young women rescued from sex trafficking. Something as simple as jewelry making offers young women a fresh start, and the ability to accomplish their dreams.
  • Focus of JewelryMonk Industries: 3 E’s of Growth- Educating, Equipping, and Encouraging.
  • Jewelry Tip : I have been doing a bit of wax carving this week, and helping some of the people who purchased the Jewelry Creation Method Course with some of their projects. So I put together a video about how to fix a ring When (not if) you break your wax while wax carving, here is a quick tip on how to repair a ring that is in pieces. YouTube Wax Repair Link
  • Cool Tool of the Week: Have you ever started making a ring project, and were unsure how long to cut the wire or shank, so your piece is just the right size, with no waste? Today I have put together a quick tutorial on how I make my ring shanks just the right size every time, and have added a FREE Downloadable Spreadsheet for you to have, to print out, and keep by your workbench.

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