Conservative News: Trump has returned, Liberal Meltdowns, Upcoming Debates, SCOTUS, more..


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In this episode we will be discussing Trump COVID-19 Status, Liberal media meltdowns because of his return, SCOTUS confirmation status, Gretchen Whitmer, govenor of Michigan loss with the Supreme Court to keep the state locked down until April 30th of 2021, and more... We are currently having a contest for this month! If you guys can get me to a 1,000 subs I will cash app one luck subscriber a $100 on November 1st. If you can get me to 750 subs I will cash app one lucky subscriber $75. If you guys can get me to 300 subs I will give a lucky subscriber $50. All you have to do is hit the like button, click on subscribe and select the top of the notification bell. I will also need you to leave a positive comment on my video and your cash app name. I can't wait to see which one of you get the prize. I wish you guys luck. Donations: Cashapp $joshuajoeldavis Venmo: joshua-davis-459 paypal: Patreon: Instagram: @joelslatestnewsandviews Facebook: Twitter: @jnewsandviews Podcast:

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