Redecorating Your Space: Feel Good Heal Good


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Whether you have decided to stay in your marital home or have found a new place to start over, this can be a fun and exciting time.

Our environment has a powerful and profound impact on our emotions and how we feel about our life. Today’s guest, interior designer Jodi Topitz guides us in our home transformation from We to Me. She shares fun, easy and inexpensive ways to create spaces that make you ‘feel good and heal good’.

Jodi’s love of color, texture and design is contagious as she takes us room by room sharing best colors to consider, and simple ways to make a space feel bigger, warmer or more inviting. You certainly don’t have to spend a fortune.

Repurpose your favorite items, add a few colorful throw pillows, a unique area rug or strategically placed lighting and your home can represent the new you while being a much desired oasis to soothe your spirits post divorce. Get ready to smile, expand your visionary horizon and begin creating a home that represents the new you!

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