Life After Divorce: College Planning for Divorced Parents


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Today we are talking about College planning...yet another alien ‘world’ parents have to navigate. As many of our listeners are still deep in divorce negotiation or just emerging from them, it is understandable that you might have ‘back shelved’ college planning for now. There are many time sensitive issues to consider and our hope is this episode informs you enough to choose what is urgent and worthy of your attention now.

Today’s guest, Andy Lockwood shares his unique approach to college planning and walks us through the world of preparing for college. We discuss issues around best practices for assessing how and where to focus you and your college bound child’s energy, attention and finances, AND touch on choosing what colleges to apply to, what to know about financial aid and how the college application ‘game’ works. Andy further shares ‘divorce specific’ information such as the decision around which parent claims your child as a tax dependent and the impact that has on their financial aid possibilities.

Andy Lockwood is a best-selling author, college advisor and co-founder of Lockwood College Prep in Long Island, NY. He and his wife Pearl specialize in helping students get into competitive colleges, and helping their parents pay "wholesale" prices. They created their proprietary "backwards" college advising program P4 to help college-bound teens launch for success post-college. Pearl and Andy also host The College Planning Edge podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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