The Blessing of Sabbath with Special Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Talbot


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Kim and Beth have the privilege to speak with Elizabeth Talbot about the Sabbath. If you have been a lifelong Sabbath keeper or have recently been studying more about Sabbath or if you don’t know what Sabbath is, you need to listen. Elizabeth is a gifted bible scholar and opens up the scriptures about Sabbath in a NEW and beautiful way! Please listen! She also has a gift for you if you listen!!! This will change your life!

Meet our Special Guest:
Elizabeth Viera Talbot, Ph.D., is the Speaker/Director for the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute, a media ministry of the North American Division of SDA, designed to offer in-depth Christ-centered biblical studies resources. Dr. Talbot is regularly featured in the Hope Channel and Esperanza TV, LLBN Latino, ROKU (Jesus 101 channel), and in several international TV channels and other social media venues, as well as radio stations throughout the world. For daily devotionals, biblical studies, videos, audio books, and much more, download the JESUS 101 app for Apple and Android. Among other books, Elizabeth authored “Matthew: Prophecy Fulfilled,” “John: God Became Flesh,” “Luke: Salvation for All,” “Mark: Good News,” “Revelation: the Fifth Gospel,” “Amazing Grace Bible study course,” “Surprised by Love,” “I Will Give you Rest,” “Radical Discipleship” and “After God’s Heart: A Study in Brokenness from the Life of David,” all published by Pacific Press.
Elizabeth Viera Talbot was born in Argentina to the home of Adventist missionaries. Since her early childhood her parents instilled in her the love of Jesus and she always envisioned preaching and teaching as she gathered her dolls as an audience. After completing her Bachelors in music education, Elizabeth worked in the business world for approx. 15 years, and during that time she volunteered as a part-time youth pastor. While working in the accounting/managing departments, she earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. Eventually Elizabeth was invited by the Seventh-day Adventist church to become a full-time pastor which she gladly accepted as a call from God. She became a full-time young adults/families’ pastor and evangelist while earning her Master’s degree and subsequent Biblical Studies. After becoming a senior pastor for several years and an adjunct Biblical Studies Professor, Elizabeth is now living her calling to preach the gospel through various media venues worldwide. Elizabeth is married to Patrick Talbot, a retired Marriage and Family Therapist. Elizabeth’s main identity is her passion about the good news of Jesus Christ: “It’s like fire in my bones” she says, and she means it!
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