Equity Before Birth


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The United States has more money in our healthcare system than any other country in the world. Yet we also have the worst relative outcomes for mothers and infants. Join us as Joy Spencer explores why that is and where the inequity stems from. Can the system be fixed?

  • 0:00 Episode starts
  • 0:48 Check ins
  • 5:20 Joy joins the call
  • 5:38 Jes introduces Joy
  • 8:35 Joy’s check in
  • 9:47 Why do you do this work?
  • 15:40 What sets you apart?
  • 20:43 What motivates you?
  • 24:50 Interlude
  • 26:33 What is an important fusion friendship for you?
  • 28:47 What about the policy side of things?
  • 34:06 What does your dream future look like?
  • 40:18 How can listeners show up?
  • 43:33 Goodbyes
  • 44:10 Debriefs (Jes starts)
  • 46:29 Rob’s takeaways
  • 52:50 Rob and Jes say goodbye
  • 53:00 Outro

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