#261: Zack Teperman, Founder and President of ZTPR, a Full-Service Public Relations Agency Thinking Outside the Box


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Zack Teperman is the Founder and President of ZTPR, a full-service public relations agency representing every type of person or business with a passion for what they are doing. Originally from Toronto, Canada, and now based in Los Angeles, California, Zack studied marketing and broadcasting at Seneca College. Upon graduating, Zack turned his talents to becoming an on-air radio disc jockey, working across the country from Miami to Yellowknife to Toronto at such stations as the Fan 590, KISS FM, Y100, and Mix100.

After leaving radio, Zack focused his expertise on public relations, helping lead many Canadian and American high-profile PR campaigns for fortune 500 companies, start-up/lifestyle brands, and celebrity talent. After making the move to sunny Hollywood, California, Zack served for years as the Operations Manager and as a Senior Account Executive at Lexicon Public Relations, helping to guide and advise many celebrities and companies to where they are now. With his years of media experience, social media / marketing strategies and his straight-to-the-point attitude, Zack founded ZTPR in 2014 and is bringing his personal touch and results to each client along with his diverse public relations team of hungry go-getters.

Some of the Topics Covered by Zack Teperman in this Episode

  • What ZTPR began as and what is has developed into today
  • Why Zack started ZTPR in 2014
  • How and why Zack got his start in PR
  • How Zack got his first clients
  • From acquiring clients and customer discovery to long-term contracts to crisis management
  • Some ways Zack goes about promoting his different types of clients
  • The relationship-building element of PR and how Zack hustled early on in his PR career
  • Why Zack manages his contacts the old fashioned way--on pen and paper
  • PR 101 according to Zack and his advice for what goes into a good pitch
  • How Zack manages his clients' expectations
  • Growing ZTPR into different markets
  • How Zack has approached building the ZTPR team and what he looks for in an employee
  • How Zack manages his time day-to-day
  • How Zack is trying to find a better work-life balance
  • Zack's advice for outside the box PR
  • How Zack approaches crisis management and avoiding crises to start with
  • What's next for ZTPR

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