#271: Joe Mahavuthivanij, Co-Founder and CEO of Mythic Markets, an Investing Platform to Buy, Sell and Trade Fractional Shares in Rare Pop Culture Collectibles


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Joe Mahavuthivanij is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mythic Markets, an investing platform enabling anyone to buy, sell and trade fractional shares in alternative assets with enormous fandoms. Starting with pop culture collectibles, they are securitizing vintage comic books and collectible cards, allowing fans to invest in the things they love. Mythic Markets is a venture-backed startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their team first met in San Diego, California, and since then have worked at places like Apple, Fandom, Google and Uber.

Some of the Topics Covered by Joe Mahavuthivanij in this Episode

  • What Mythic Markets is and how Joe started it
  • Leaving investing to start his own company
  • Building the team for Mythic Markets
  • Navigating COVID and going remote
  • Determining which products to put on Mythic Markets
  • The future for this marketplace of alternative of investments
  • The roles of evolving entertainment and escapism, especially during COVID
  • Raising the Series Seed for Mythic Markets and their plans for a Series A
  • How they approached going to market
  • How they curate and price items for Mythic Markets
  • Mythic Market's business model and their plans for the future to become a "Robinhood Gold"
  • What has fueled growth for Mythic Markets
  • What Joe finds really exciting about this work
  • How Joe manages his time and how COVID has affected his work
  • How Joe is navigating these challenging times
  • Joe's podcast recommendations
  • Being an investor vs. being a founder
  • What Joe looks for in an investor
  • The big picture for Mythic Markets: being the stock market for all kinds of fandoms

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