Acceptance – Maybe the ULTIMATE mental game skill with Karl Morris #145


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Over the past number of weeks on the Brain Booster we have had a reoccurring theme. That of ACCEPTANCE.

Steven Yellin mentioned it as a pre requisite for the emergence of fluid motion.

Dr Joe Parent mentioned it as a requirement to experience Zen Golf.

I wanted today then to take the opportunity to dive deeper into what acceptance is and perhaps more importantly what it isn’t.

So much of the benefits of acceptance are paradoxical in nature.

We need to be careful we don’t confuse acceptance with resignation. We are also not in any way saying acceptance is not about aiming for good results.

The Brain Booster is all about performance.

What I do firmly believe is that acceptance can be a ‘reverse engineering’ of results.

It can actually provide you with the environment whereby results emerge.

In today’s show I look at how acceptance can actually help you to swing the club better

Get more from your coaching

Develop other areas of your life with acceptance

How acceptance leads to ACTION

How you create true freedom

Hopefully today’s show brings together lots of the key concepts we have been discussing for many months on the Brain Booster

Acceptance needs commitment and DAILY intention

It is really beneficial to create accountability with a coach or mentor

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