E149 Social Selling Essentials with Phil Gerbyshak


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Looking to make money? Then stop trying to make money and start focusing on the relationship!

Today we have Phil Gerbyshak on the #fireandearthpodcast #podcast show to discuss the release of his new book "Social Selling Essentials" along with telling us about how to market our products and services better online.

#Socialselling is all about being in service to someone, that someone being the customer. When people see that your product isn't just a means to extract money from others but an actual honest service they will be much more inclined to buy in to what it is you are selling.

If you wish to get a copy of Phil's new book "Social Selling Essentials", check out socialsellingessentials.com, connect with him on social media, or even give him a call: 414-640-7445, and yes that's his actual phone number :)

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