Korea 24 - 2021.10.27


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Korea24 – 2021.10.27. (Wednesday)
News Briefing: The government has decided to hold a state funeral for former President Roh Tae-woo, who died on Tuesday. In a statement explaining its decision, the interior ministry said the former president made historic mistakes related to the 1979 coup and the 1980 Gwangju pro-democracy crackdown, but that he also made contributions through his Nordpolitik policy, which included a non-aggression pact with North Korea. However it was also confirmed that he would not be laid to rest at a national cemetery. (Eunice Kim)
In-Depth News Analysis: The decision to hold a state funeral for former President Roh Tae-woo came despite protests by some lawmakers, due to his role in the 1979 coup, and the 1980 Gwangju Uprising crackdown. However, others have noted his role in the nation’s transition from a military dictatorship into a democracy, during which he helped successfully host the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and his signature Nordpolitik foreign policy. Professor Song Se-ryun (송세련) from Kyunghee University joins us on the line to look closer at the mixed legacy Roh leaves behind.
Korea Trending with Walter Lee:
1. Concerns of discrimination are being raised over the government’s plan to introduce a COVID-19 ‘vaccine pass’ system at high-risk facilities from next Monday. ("헬스장 '백신패스' 왜 차별하나"…미접종 '머슬男女' 반발 이어져)
2. Customers at fast food restaurants in Korea have been complaining about the lack of lettuce in their burgers, after some companies stopped serving it due to the recent surge in vegetable prices. (“불고기 마카롱?” 양상추 빠진 햄버거에 불만 쌓여)
3. South Korea’s new Ambassador to Britain Kim Gunn caught the eye of Queen Elizabeth as he wore a full hanbok when he presented his credentials to her virtually on Tuesday. (주영 한국대사, 도포 차림에 갓쓰고 英여왕에 신임장 제출)
Korea Book Club: Literary translator Anton Hur joins us for our special monthly edition of the club. He introduces the latest novel by Sang Young Park (박상영), ‘1차원이 되고싶어’, published by Munhakdongne, which Anton has titled in English as ‘Lie Like Lines’. It tells the story of a high school boy living in the southeastern city of Daegu during the early Noughties, as he discovers his repressed queer identity.
Morning Edition Preview with Mark Wilson-Choi:
- Tomorrow’s Korea Times features a report by Park Ji-won on the Cultural Heritage Administration(CHA) designating Jeju’s largest shamanistic ritual, ‘Jeju Keungut (제주큰굿)’, as a national intangible cultural heritage.
- Tomorrow’s Korea Herald features a story by Kim Byung-wook about the once-popular trend of e-scooters in Seoul experiencing their downfall due to a multitude of reasons.

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